Basch-Olovson Engineering Company

Basch-Olovson Engineering CompanyManufactures and Designs Standard and Custom Precision Machine Keys

Our Precision Machine Keys include:Square End • Rectangle • Round End / Feather Keys • Beveled Keys • Step Keys • T-Keys / Hi Pro Keys • Gib Keys

Basch-Olovson Engineering Company is an American Manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. We ensure a quality product by utilizing American steel. Stainless Steel/Monel and other materials are also available upon request. There really are no limitations on the products we manufacture. We offer a variety of key types whether they are custom or standard, and they can be designed and manufactured in all sizes. Keystock is also available for those who choose to design and cut their own. Precision Machining of our KeysGroup of Precision Machine KeysBasch-Olovson Engineering Company
Basch-Olovson Engineering Company | Maker of Standard and Specialty Machine Keys